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Geräte und Systeme für die Laboranalytik - Firmen :
Amazon Filters - AMSBIO - Asynt - Hamilton Bonaduz - Porvair Sciences - Postnova - SP Scientific/Genevac/Penntech - Titan Enterprises
  • Freeze drying and lyophilization equipment
  • centrifugal evaporation and concentration
  • temperature control and thermal management
  • glassware washers
  • controlled environments
  • vial washing and tray loading machines
  • flow meters

Amazon Filters GmbH

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - service provider
Mikrofiltrationskerzen und die dazugehörigen Filtergehäuse für kritische Flüssigkeits- und Gasanwendungen in der Prozessindustrie

Amazon Filters - speical reports

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - Dienstleister
Provider of quality life science research reagents and services

AMSBIO-Therapeutic efficacy of microtube-embedded Chondroitinase ABC
AMSBIO - Precise Control of Gene Expression
AMBSBIO - Exosome Isolation Manufacturing & Characterization
AMSBIO - Powerful CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing Kits

AMSBIO - Launch New Screening Company improving anticancer drug treatment

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - Dienstleister
New and novel products and services central to the laboratory
- CondenSyn Air Condensors - high pressure reactors - circulation and temperature control systems - evaporation and sample preparation a.s.o.


Performing Parallel Chemical Reactions  at Over 400°C - The high temperature adapter is a unique product that enables scientists to undertake parallel reactions that require solution temperatures of over 400°C - Mai 2019


Die DrySyn SnowStorm Serie - Durchführung chemischer Reaktionen und Untersuchungen bei niedriger Temperatur - April 2019


Extremely Flexible Device for High Pressure Parallel Chemistry - A high pressure parallel reactor system with a wide choice of configurations - April 2019


Extrem flexibles Gerät für Hochdruck-Parallelchemie - Parallelreaktionen mit Volumen von 30 bis 100ml, bei einem Druck von bis zu 100ml und einer Temperatur von 300°C durchführen - April 2019


Highly Reproducible & Sustainable Low Temperature Reactions & Studies - Accurate and prolonged temperature control on a DrySyn SnowStorm is regulated by an external thermostatic circulator.


Strömungsreaktoren zum Einstieg in die Syntheseforschung - Neuartige Plattform für Strömungs-reaktionen : einphasige und mehrphasige Reaktionen


Entry Level Academic Reactor Flask Heating System - The new DrySyn UNO Base provides a simple but effective tool for safe heating


Asynt Technology unterstützt die Forschung für gesunde Meere - Installation eines Flüssigstickstoff-Generatorsystems von Asynt zur Lagerung von Meeresproben bei der Entnahme


Einfache und sichere Probennahme aus Parallelreaktionen - Der DrySyn OCTO Parallel-Synthesizer mit 8 Positionen


Neue DrySyn Heizblocksysteme - Ein kostengünstiges Angebot optimierter Heizblocksysteme


Asynt - Reproduzierbares Scale-up von Reaktionen in der medizinischen Chemie


Asynt - Custom High Pressure Parallel Reactors

Rubriken: Physikalische Parameter - Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - Dienstleister
Geräte und Systeme für die Handhabung von Flüssigkeiten, für die Prozessanalytik, für die Robotik
und für die automatische Probenspeicherung - Sensoren für pH- und Leitfähigkeitsmessgeräte und für gelösten Sauerstoff, Trensäulen für die HPLC - Kalibrierung und Validierung


In-line Messung der Zelldichte erleichtert die Forschung

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - Dienstleister
Specialists in the custom manufacturing helping customers develop new and innovative microtitre plates and equipment - serve Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology with microplate solutions for all applications

Microplate Products for LC/MS and GC/MS Sample Preparation - Unmatched selection of innovative glass vials, seals, closures, and microplates to enhance chromatography and mass spectrometry workflows - Mai 2019

Glass Bottom Microplates for Imaging Applications - Microplates from Porvair Sciences provide unmatched performance for high-throughput screening and tissue culture applications - Mai 2019


Highly Effective Protein Clean-Up Microplate - Removing proteins from biological samples prior to analysis - Mai 2019


Next Generation Porous Plastic for Healthcare Applications - Vyon® is a highly versatile porous plastic whose surfaces can be modified give them hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties - April 2019


The new version 2.0 of its Chromatrap® ChIP-seq kit - Streamlined ChIP-seq from Small Cell Numbers and Low Chromatin Concentrations - April 2019


The plate has been designed with a working volume of 2ml per well - A reinforced base version of its 96-well deep round microplate has been launched - März 2019


Porvair Launch US Manufactured Sample Storage Microplate - The industry standard 96-well sample storage plate is now available - Februar 2019


New Project to Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Ovarian Cancer - This project will involve collaboration with 5 key industrial partners - Februar 2019


Scalable ChIP Workflow for Isolating Protein-DNA Complexes - A simple ChIP workflow enabling researchers to easily isolate protein-DNA complexes - Janauary 2019


Preparing Samples of Plant and Seed Genomics for THC/CBD Analysis - Increasing demand for accurate and high throughtput analysis


Gentle Efficient Buffer Reagents for Lysing Cells - Benefits to using Chromatrap® buffer reagents for lysing cells


Microplate Design Enhances Fluorescence & Luminescence Measurement - Unique Krystal 2000 microplate range sets a new standard


Autocapper - the Versatile Microplate Sealing System - Set-up to quickly and securely seal 96-well deep well microplates as standard


Porvair Sciences - Reservoir troughs for multi-channel pipetting


Porvair Sciences - BioVyon™ range porous advanced materials for the medical and life science markets


Porvair Sciences - Fast LC/MS Sample Preparation Microplate


Porvair Sciences - Compact Electronic Pipette Filler


Porvair Sciences - Automation Friendly Cell Growth Microplates


Porvair Sciences - announces its JG Finneran range of high strength rounded or flat-bottomed headspace vials


Porvair Sciences - Sintered Porous Materials for High Performance Chromatography - BioVyon™

Rubriken :Partikelanalytik - Dienstleister
Ssolving analytical problems of customers based in biotechnology, polymer and particle science through the separation techniques of Field-Flow Fractionation FFF and Light Scattering, the important techniques for the characterization of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution


Postnoiva Analytics - Fast Measurement of Nanocrystal Length & Thickness


Postnova Analytical - Thermal Field Flow Fractionation Copolymer Case Study


Postnova Analytical - Analytical Techniques for Characterising Nanoparticles

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - Dienstleister
SP Scientific is a leading innovator in freeze drying and lyophilization equipment,centrifugal evaporation and concentration, temperature control/thermal management, glassware washers, controlled environments, vial washing and tray loading machines


SP Scientific - Precision Temperature Control for NMR, EPR & XRD Studies


SP Scientific - Convenient Benchtop Tray Freeze Dryer


Sp Scientific - Extremely Versatile Freeze Dryer 


SP Scientific - Small-Scale Production Lyophilizer

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - Dienstleister
Probenaufbereitungsmethode mit direkter Verdampfung - Wann immer es um Verdampfungs~ oder Konzentrationsprozesse geht - Genevac hat die Lösung dafür


Protecting Vacuum Pumps & Equipment from Corrosive Vapors - The next generation vapor trap for protecting oil-sealed vacuum pumps, evaporators and dryers from corrosive and harmful vapors - Mai 2019


Improved Method for Preparing Clinical Samples for Testing - Clinical laboratories play a vital role in the healthcare industry as about 80% of the clinician’s diagnoses are based on laboratory analysis - Mai 2019


Effective Removal of DMSO from Stored Samples - The Series 3 HT evaporator is able to efficiently and effectively dry even very high boiling solvents such as DMSO - März 2019


How to Avoid Residual Solvent When Drying HPLC Fractions - A hybrid process combining conventional centrifugal evaporation and lyophilization


SP Scientific Genevac - Benchtop Evaporator Aids Forensic Science


SP Scientific Genevac - Intuitive Benchtop Centrifugal Evaporator


SP Scientific Genevac technology improves microplate sample evaporation


SP Scientific Genevac -Evaporative Probenaufbereitung für Massenspektroskopie

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - Dienstleister
The product line includes: vial washers, trayloaders, sterilization tunnels, filling/stopper inserting machines, automatic lyo loading machines, cappers and external washers


SP PennTech - RW-500 rotary vial washer

Titan Enterprises

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten - Dienstleister
Home of flow measurement - small bore flow meters and flow meter solutions


Titan Enterprises-High Pressure Flowmeter Measures Liquid Refrigerants













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