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The Technology Leader in Elemental Analysis and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

- CHNOS elemental analysis from < 0.01 to 100% - investigation of plant material, soils, fertilizers and all kinds of organic samples and/or biomass - solid fuel analysis - fully automated TOC analysis in water and solids -
- analysis of metals and inorganics(cement, steels, ceramics a.o.) for quality control -


Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH
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63505 Langenselbold

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  • gas analytics
  • liquid analytics
  • solid analytics
  • service provider


Technology gas analytics liquid analytics solid analytics service provider
agriculture     x  
animal feed / forage     x  
ashes     x  
beverages   x    
biomass     x  
breath analysis x
CHNOS analysers   x x  
calorific value     x  
coal analytics     x  
chromatography x      
consulting/engineering/analytical systems       x
database - IRMS * ) citatation database       x
elemental analysis x x x  
environmental analytics   x x  
food and diet industry   x x  
identity proof - incoming goods     x  
medicine x x x  
metal     x  
mineral     x  
mining     x  
N/protein analysis   x x  
natural gas x      
Oxygen measurement   x x  
pharmaceutical industry     x  
polymers / plastics     x  
sludge     x  
soil   x x  
TOC analytics   x x  
training courses - seminars -webinars       x
waste processing     x  
water analytics - hydrology   x    
*) Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry, IRMS

Application Areas and Related Analyser Systems



  • organic elemental analysis with analyser series vario and rapid - quantitative determination in the most versatile combinations of substances of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur

    simultaneous analytics - vario MICRO cube - simultaneously for CHNS or for the   combinations CNS, CHN, CN, O and Cl - in volatile gasoline or temperature-proof   silicon carbide can be analyzed just like coal, foodstuff or sewage sludge

    the benchmark in elemental analysis - vario EL cube - full digitalization for highest   degree of automation - for all kinds of samples - from pharmaceutical to soil analysis,   from sediment research to the analysis of food stuff

    macro samples - vario MACRO cube - in coal, oil or soil analysis - one fully   automatic step

    sulfur analyser - rapid CS cube - in coal, soil or waste - the measuring range
      is 0-100% or 20 mg S absolute - measuring range for carbon is 0-100% or up to
      40  mg absolute - concentrations of below 1 ppm or 0.2 µg S can be detected - PC   controlled via Windows®

    oxygen concentration measurement - rapid OXY - standard deviation <0.1 %   absolute) - matrix-independent - Automatic analysis run with integrated sample feeder   for 120 samples - PC control and evaluation through Windows

  • stable isotope analysis - stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) is a useful technique with a broad range of applications - from paleoclimate studies to police forensics, archaeology to aquatic ecosystems, sports doping to soil science and many stops in-between

  • TOC & water analytics - The content of total organic carbon (TOC) in liquid and solid samples is one of the most important screening parameter in water and environmental analysis

    TOC/TNb analysis - vario TOC cube - for the determination of organically and   inorganically bound carbon in liquids, slurries and solids - high temperature digestion   and catalytic post combustion - real matrix separation- instrument control with a   Windows standard PC

    water analytics withr - acquray series - the new acquray series Elementar opens an   entirely new way for easy Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis - the technology is   based on a chemical oxidation process supported by highly energetic UV radiation -   this combination ensures complete digestion of all organic compounds -
      fully automatic - modular concept for the determination of TOC in solids, Total   Nitrogen (TN) in water and Total Phosphorus (TP) in water

  • inorganic elemental analysis with inductar series - elemental analysis for the characterization and quality control of materials

    carbon aund sulfur in metallic or ceramic materials - inductar CS cube - automated  and unattended operation is possible by the integrated 89 sample changer and
      PC-control through Windows®

    5 elements in 1 analyser - inductar EL cube - analysis of C, S, O, N, and H in inorganic materials - fully automatic 24 / 7 operation

  • The fastest protein analysis with analysis times of less than four minutes -
    N / protein analysis with the rapid series - for quality control and protein declaration according to international labeling laws in the food & feed industry - the analysis only takes a few minutes - high temperature Dumas combustion method for N-Protein acc. to AOAC, DIN/ISO, EN and many international standards - instrument control with a standard PC - fully automatic operation mode possible



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