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Special Reports

Rubric : liquid analytics


Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - physical parameter
As a technological leader in the field of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement, FLEXIM offers the ideal flow meter solutions - non-intrusive flow measurement employing ultrasound technology even at high temperatures until 400°C -


FLEXIM presents the new PIOX® ID at the BrauBeviale Trade Fair


FLEXIM at the BrauBeviale 2017, Hall 7, Booth 7-159

The new PIOX® ID acts as a reliable media detection

FLEXIM presents the new PIOX® ID at the BrauBeviale Trade Fair
FLEXIM presents a genuine global innovation at the BrauBeviale with the PIOX® ID. The clamp-on ultrasonic system acts as a media watchdog.
Based on the non-invasive measurement of acoustic velocity, the PIOX® ID can accurately identify the liquid flowing in a pipe. The main field of application of the PIOX® ID is the control of transfer processes in the delivery of acids and alkalis which are required for CIP processes. This is essential to safely prevent dangerous misfuelling.

Hazardous situations
Time and again, chemicals are confused so that they pose a fatal danger to life and limb, particularly when acids and alkalis are mixed. In order to avoid this type of confusion, the committee for hazardous substances recommends measuring and monitoring of the filling pipes, for example by means of ultrasonic measurement (TRGS 509).

The media watchdog
In fact, the PIOX® ID is already a well-proven innovation in practice. In several pilot installations in plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it could be shown that by determining the acoustic velocity, the safety function is fulfilled considerably more reliably than a temperature measurement.
In contrast to pH measurement which is also possible, acoustic measuring technology functions without any wear and tear and is maintenance-free. PIOX® ID is already pre-configured so that the protective function can be set up easily and reliably.

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