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Car Manufacturer Selects Contour Filter for Paint Production

December 2018

Delivering an optimised filtration system
Amazon Filters has received a further order from a leading car manufacturer to deliver an optimised filtration system to ensure the quality of the electrophoretic paint stages on their production paint line.
With the success of previous installations, the leading car manufacturer wanted to use the same combination of Amazon Filters 63 Series industrial inclined filter housing fitted with Contour large diameter melt-blown cartridge filters to protect their paint baths.

Contour filters
David Keay, export sales manager for Amazon Filters commented

"They opted for our Contour filters over alternative bag filters and standard cartridges, due to their ease of use and the high flow capacity. Whilst Contour is a coreless filter, for this application it was supplied and fitted with a core. The rationale behind this was to reduce downtime during the filter change out and, assist operators with the
removal of the filter cartridge after use.
The Contour filter can then be removed much easier as the unique inserted core prevents the media from sticking to the permanent support tube inside the housing,
typically caused by paint agglomeration ".


are produced using a unique manufacturing process resulting in high efficiency filtration and consistent reliable performance. Engineered to operate in high flow applications, the high capacity, low pressure loss media used in Contour filters is an ideal choice for use in a wide range of automotive manufacturing processes. No resins, binders or other materials are used in the manufacturing process, this results in a fibre free, un-contaminated process fluid. As a result, Contour cartridge filters are able to deliver excellent performance in terms of life, disposal costs and overall cost effectiveness when compared to conventional cartridges.
Amazon Filters has a long history as a major supplier to automotive manufacturing plants throughout the world and its products are being used in many areas of production. The demands of this industry for top quality products, competitive pricing and a service level of the highest order are always met and exceeded.

With over 30 years’ experience of supplying filters specifically designed for the Automotive Industry throughout the world, Amazon Filters is able to offer a solution to meet all your filtration needs.

For further information
on Contour filtration solutions to safeguard your manufacturing processes visit https://www.amazonfilters.com/products/filter-cartridges-and-capsules/depth-filters/contour/ or contact Amazon Filters on +44-(0)1276-670600 / sales@amazonfilters.co.uk.



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