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Special Reports Rubric : system components - sample conditioning

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Automated sample preparation for the analysis of residues and contaminants
in food and feed as well as for environmental samples and biological matrices


New and Unique: Automated Sample Preparation for Water Analysis

- The new robotic system FREESTYLE XANA of LCTech GmbH enables the reliable and unattended sample preparation of water samples
with a volume of 1 L up to 10 L from the raw sample up to the filling into GC vials -

has been specifically developed for the automated sample preparation of large-volume water samples like drinking water, raw water, or river water. Without the need for supervision the system processes samples over 24 hours and 7 days per week.
A very high sample throughput of 65 samples per day achieves FREESTYLE XANA due to parallelisation of the processing steps and the simultaneous operation of 3 samples. Controlled pressurisation of up to 4 bar in many cases pushes samples even with suspended matter through the SPE columns.

of the basic building block of the xyz-robotic system, FREESTYLE™ BASIC, and the SPE module. As an option, the platform can be fitted with an EVAporation module, whereby the sample can be eluted directly into the EVAporation chamber, evaporated according to your specific needs, and afterwards filled into GC-vials, ready for subsequent analysis.

Each module can be used separately for solid phase extraction, evaporation or for combined applications. Thus, the system is equally well suited for use in both smaller and high throughput laboratories. The user chooses the required application from the FREESTYLE software with just a few mouse clicks.

Permanent pressure monitoring during loading and elution gives users the security they need to operate the system without supervision. If a pre-defined pressure value is exceeded, the system will stop the processing of this sample, which will be marked in the sequence list for post-processing action. Then the system will continue with the next sample.
A table specifically designed for FREESTYLE XANA is also available providing space for all components and enabling comfortable working.

Press release LCTech v. 5.2.2016


Automated Sample Preparation for Water Analysis



See all the advantages and the sophisticated technology of FREESTYLE XANA for yourself at

analytica 2016
in Munich, Germany,
in hall A2 booth 400



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