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Rubrics : gas analytics - liquid analytics - auxiliary units/sample conditioning
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Portable gas sampling probe
In the field of emission monitoring, but also in other fields of application of gas analysis, it is common to check the function of stationary analysis systems at regular intervals by means of transportable measuring instruments.- December 2021

Sample Gas Cooler Atex recertified Good gets better
The latest edition of IEC 60079-0 has already been used in the approval process. The sample gas cooler can be used safely in potentially explosive atmospheres of zones 1 and 2 under the more stringent requirements, including gas group IIC. - January 2021

IO-Link capable temperature sensor for fluid technology
Hydraulic and lubricating oils change their viscosity depending on the temperature. For this reason, precise monitoring of the selected temperature window is an important function for the operation of fluid-technical systems - January 2021

Stationary acid meter - Using acid meters, precoolers and washout optimised gas coolers is a reliable option to ensure less washout - December 2019

New product for monitoring emissions in shipping - Similar to large combustion plants, gas analysis in maritime applications also serves monitoring pollutant emissions as well as controlling the combustion process - October 2019

Advanced accessories for Oil Hydraulic and Lubrication Systems with IO-link controllers at Hannover Fair 2019 - 2 / 2019

 Bühler Technologies presents a considerably larger product line at Achema 2018 - 5 / 2018

Bühler Technologies presents a considerably larger product line
at Achema
2018 : coolers - pumps - probes for use in zone 1 or 2

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 Sample conditioning - mobile and efficient for stationary extractive gas analysis - 1 / 2017

Emission monitoring
as well as process monitoring relays for the analysis of the inherited gases on stationary extractive measuring systems.

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 A Certified Automated Measuring System for Continuous Stack and Process   Monitoring - combustion plants within the European Union must be continuously monitored

The automatic emission monitoring systems required must comply with EN 14181 which comprises three quality classes (QAL1 to QAL3) and an annual function check (AST).
The idea behind this regulation is to standardize methods and equipment in order to obtain comparable results all across the European Union, which normally may differ because of the type of analysis system related reasons.

Consequently, only analysis systems approved and certified according to EN 15267 are accepted by the supervising bodies.

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