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Rubrics: gas analytics - liquid analytics - solid analytics - physical parameter
Comprehensive competence for ionic analytics - for lab systems as well as turn key solutions.

Fully automated multi-parameter of drinking water via TitrIC
As the name suggest, TitrIC combines titration and ion chromatography on an integrated, fully automated platform. Results are a collected in a shared database and aggregated in the same report. For maximum reliability, - October 2021

Ion chromatography for carbohydrate analysis and more
4 applications utilizing ion chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) for the fully automated determination of multiple GOSs (β-galactooligosaccharides) and carbohydrates in novel foods and instant coffee, respectively, key anions and cations in beer, and organic acids in wine. - April 2021

Rapid detection of fentanyl and its chemical analogues
Mira DS from Metrohm with KnowItAll Raman Spectral Library (Handheld, over 20 fentanyl analogues.) from Wiley combines a sensitive analytical instrument with the largest libraries available on handheld Raman systems. - February 2021

OMNIS Sample Robot - Get four times the output with OMNIS - Quality control labs : automation for up to 175 samples - flexible and modular -
October 2018





















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