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Rubrics: gas analytics - physical parameter - auxiliary units
Sophisticated gas analysis and data logging equipment for pressure and temperature -
gas and water suppliers (local distribution companies), steel producers, the chemical industry, operators and manufacturers of biogas- and sewage plants

  Making reliable use of digester gas energy - the INCA gas analyzer technology is specially tailored for this

Within the framework of the energy transition,
digester gases from sewage treatment plants and waste recycling plants are becoming increasingly important. The gas analysis component of the related plant technology plays an important role both for process monitoring and for safeguarding the plant components operated with the digester gas.
The gas analysis component that monitors and optimizes the fermentation and desulfurization process and the composition of the digester gas .....

Technical Article 2/2016

  Quality monitoring of pipelines - mobile UIP insulation tester for reliable testing of pipe coatings   for defects at work site

Buried gas and water lines
made of steel are endangered by external corrosion. Even after the introduction of cathodic corrosion protection in the early 1960s, pipelines still have to be protected from corrosion by a pore-free coating. Only in this way can gas and water suppliers ensure long-term protection of their investment costs in their pipeline network ...

Technical Article 11/2015

  Utilize process gases instead of flaring them - The CWD 2005 series calorimeters determine the heating value and the Wobbe index of various gas types

Many process-related operations in the industry produce process gases
that in the past have often been regarded as by-products and have been flared at the expense of the environment.
This practice is changing in light of growing energy awareness.

A redundant analysis system
consisting of CWD 2005 calorimeters with fully-integrated gas analysis
for CO, CH4, C2+ ensures efficient, environmentally sound combustion of process gases
in hot-rolling furnaces.

Technical Article 6/2015



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