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Innovative flow chemistry products for customers in both the research and biopharmaceutical sector

Sequential Photothermal Flow Chemistry Delivers High Yields
By moving the photochemistry, performed using a PhotoSyn™ LED photoreactor, from ultraviolet (UV) to visible, the researchers were able to make their [2+2] ring closure much more energy-efficient. Integrating this with a FlowSyn™ Continuous Flow Reactor they were also able to apply automated high-temperature flow chemistry to the thermal cascade step facilitating safe and reliable scale-up with short reaction times - September 2021

Highly Reproducible Flow Chemistry Scale-up of Polymerization Reactions 
Designed by chemists for chemists - FlowLab Plus™ is a versatile modular flow chemistry system built around the Uniqsis Binary Pump™ dual channel reagent delivery system. The system is configured to run both manual and automated flow chemistry reactions.- March 2021









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