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TESTA Analytical Solutions is one of the few manufacturer focused on GPC/SEC instrumentation
- For Particle Sizing, SLS ad Zeta Potential we partnered with Brookhaven Instruments Corp. - -


Testa Analytical Solutions e.K.
Sophienstraße 5
12203 Berlin



  • Overview:
    • particle sizing instriuments
    • zeta potentiaL equipment
    • partilel solution software
    • research lighting scattering
    • AYE GPC/SECn ultrasensitive viscometer
    • AYE UV detector
    • AYE DRi detector
    • AYE dn/dc instrument


Particle Analytics
  • consulting for analytical systems and technologies
  • dynamic light scattering DLS
  • nano particles
  • particle characterising
  • protein characterising
  • zeta potential

Application Areas

  • dynamic light scattering (DLS)
  • GPC/SEC chromatograhpy
  • particle sizing
  • polymer characterising
  • protein characterising
  • static light scattering (SLS)
  • zeta potential

Special Reports - Applications

  • Optimized Refractive Index Detectors
    We have invested in stock components to enable us to
    offer our high performance DRI detectors, made here in Germany, on short delivery times. Being able to offer a wide range of options (light source, electronics, firmware) means these DRI detector can be - readily adapted to fit the requirements of any third party HPLC or GPC/SEC system
    - November 2021

  • Wavelength Optimized Dn / dc Measurement
    Introduced new laser options for its HK Series differential refractometer to enable precise determination of specific refractive index increment (dn/dc) at the same wavelength as the light scattering application under investigation - October 2021

  • Dynamic Light Scattering Helps Determine Best Ceramics for Implants
    Researchers have used a BI-200SM in Dynamic Light Scattering mode to determine the aggregate size of powders used in producing sintered bulk calcium silicate ceramics - September 2021

  • Fast & Accurate HPLC Pump Flow Rate Calibration
    To maintain consistent accuracy of results,
    each and every HPLC pump needs calibration of the flow rate it delivers on a regular base. The traditional method of calibrating HPLC pump flow rate relies upon a gravimetric method in which the total weight of solvent delivered in a given time is determined and transformed into flow rate by taking into account the density of the solvent.- August 2021

  • Remote Cell Enables UV Measurement of Industrial Processes
    A remote cell version of its Rapid Scanning UV Detector kit allowing this elegant OEM technology to be integrated into a wider range of industrial applications. - July 2021

  • Accurate, Reliable Measurement of Protein Concentration & Total Mass
    The HK Series Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector is being used to provide accurate and reliable measurement of the absolute concentration and total mass of protein in a sample.- June 2021

  • System Performance Qualification - Removing Uncertainty from Your Results
    TESTA Analytical Solutions offers Performance Qualification Services
    for all Particle Size and Zeta Potential Instruments from Brookhaven Instruments plus the complete range of its own GPC/SEC systems and detector modules - May 2021

  • Versatile Multi Detector GPC/SEC System
    (GPC/SEC) is widely accepted as the analytical technique of choice to characterize polymers and separate mixtures into fractions including polymer, oligomer, monomer and any non-polymeric additives. GPC/SEC is also the 'go-to' technique for characterizing the molecular weight distribution of polymers - May 2021

  • Investigating the Properties of Novel Polymer Nanogels
    Polymer nanogels with cross-linked structure provide a versatile platform for storage and release of biologically active compounds. They offer a highly desirable method of loading and delivering active forms of drugs or proteins toward cells for remaining activity, enhancing stability, - March 2021

  • Differential Refractometer for Polymer & Protein Analysis
    The new HK Series Differential Refractometer sets a benchmark for precise determination of specific refractive index increment (dn/dc) - an important parameter for polymer and protein molecular weight determination using light scattering techniques.
    March 2021

  • Dual Detector Enables Sensitive Determination of Molecular Weight Distribution
    Polymer and plastics manufacturers offer very many different grades of commodity polymers such as poly(vinyl chloride), polyethylenes and polystyrenes. The Molecular Weight Distribution (MWD) of such polymers is a key item of information in tailoring their implementation for different end uses.- January 2021

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