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Rubrics : auxiliary units/sample conditioning - service provider
Planning, specification, delivery, installation and commissioningurn key analysis stations and sample preparations - tailor-made to customer and application-specific requirements, starting from the gas sampling probe, heated sample and analyser lines as well as sample gas cooler - E-Procurement and online shop



Heated Analyser Line with Complete Supply of the Flue Gas Probe - The new analyser line Hybrid Plus supplies the sampling probe completely via the analyser cabinet - Jamuary 2019

Sample preparation - The chain must agree - According to an analysis by ABB, 70% of all errors in a measurement fall on the sampling, transport and preparation of the sample - Jamuary 2019

  PSG Petro Service takes over the AGT Thermotechnik GmbH   - April 2016

April, 2 May 2016

With this step we created a unique prosper selling position: as the only player in the market AGT and PSG manufacture the entire Chain of gas sampling: starting from the Gas Sampling probe, heated sample and analyser lines as well as sample gas cooler.

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  PAT and industry 4.0   - PAT in Fluorine- and Chloride Chemistry

March 16, 2015

Gerade durch die Reaktionsfreude dieses Element bedarf es beim Auslegen von Messsytemen einer hohen Kompetenz in den Bereichen Chemie, Werkstoff- und Materialkunde, Verfahrenstechnik und Messtechnik sowie in der Auswahl der möglichst besten Verbindungs-/Verschraubungstechnik.

Deshalb sind zur Früherkennung von Leckagen Gaswarnsensoren
im unteren ppm- und zum Teil auch ppb- Bereich notwendig.

Zum Fachbericht in der Chemietechnik (Januar/Februar 2015)




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