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New and novel products and services central to the laboratory

CondenSyn Air Condensors - high pressure reactors - circulation and temperature control systems - evaporation and sample preparation -
gas generators - lab ovens and furnaces - safety equipment a.s.o.


Asynt Ltd.
Unit 29
Hall Barn Road Industrial Estate,
CB7 5RJ,
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1638 781 709
+44 (0)1638 781 706

Email Enquiries enquiries@asynt.com


Archive - New systems and applications

  • sustainable High Efficiency Hydrogenation Biocatalysis
    DrySyn OCTO reaction station from Asynt to help develop a next generation biocatalyst system that enables cleaner, safer, and more efficient chemical manufacture - September 2021
  • Compact 4-Position High Pressure Benchtop
    A new synthetic tool for scientists seeking the convenience of routine parallel pressure chemistry in a compact footprint - Designed and manufactured in the UK, the robust Quadracell reactor is simple to set up and to operate, with heating and agitation provided by a standard magnetic hotplate stirrer and magnetic flea - August 2021

  • Unlocking Photochemistry in Flow
    The fReactor platform offers chemists an affordable entry point into the world of Flow Chemistry.  Integrating the efficiency of pipe-flow processing with the advanced mixing of 5 Continuous Stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) - July 2021

  • Devastating Water Leak Drives Move to Improve Sustainability
    The Maulide Group at the University of Vienna (Austria) describe how a devastating water leak in a nearby chemistry laboratory prompted them to search for alternative, water-free, options to Liebig condensers for refluxing.- June 2021

  • Photosynthesis of Chiral Building Blocks for Drug Discovery
    A new white paper, written by scientists at Liverpool ChiroChem (LCC), describes how the Asynt Illumin8 parallel photoreactor is being used to synthesise a range of new 2-Aryl N-Heterocyclest hat play their part in small molecule drug discovery.- May 2021

  • Colloidal Nanoparticles Advance Frontiers of Synthetic Chemistry
    The unique properties
    of nanomaterials mean that potential applications extend from use in smart drug delivery systems through to new catalysts and helping to deliver greater efficiency in solar cells - May 2021

  • Advanced Catalysts for Biomass Transformation
    The high pressure reactors supplied by Asynt enable a considerable shortening of the trial-and-error phase necessary to design our new catalyst formulations. Using these reactors, we can perform several tests per day and study the kinetics of the reactions. - April 2021

  • Reproducible Small Scale Reaction Chemistry at Low Temperatures
    The device offers a versatile, stand-alone solution to low temperature synthetic chemistry without the drawbacks of traditional reaction cooling using dry ice / solvent baths. - March 2021

  • Small Scale Photoreactor for Screening Experiments
    DrySyn Illumin8 gibt den Benutzern die Möglichkeit, gleichzeitig bis zu 8 photochemische Parallel-Reaktionen in Borosilikat-Präzisionsrohren mit einem Fassungsvermögen von bis zu 6ml durchzuführen - January 2021

  • Speeding Up the Development of High Performance Polymers

    Dr Paul Findlay, Chief Technology Officer at Polymer Mimetics said "Since the 1950's less than 10% of the billions of tons of plastic produced worldwide has been recycled – the rest has been sent to landfill or left in the natural environment. Using our new polymerisation technology, we can produce novel polymers to address some of the issues associated with non-degradable materials currently utilized in the personal care, coatings, composites and specialty adhesives markets”.- January 2021

  • Temperature Controlled Reactors Enable Efficient Scale-Up of Novel Agrochemicals
    Vicky Jackson of Globachem Discovery commented "As Operating Officer of the business it was important for me to identify a solution for efficient reaction scale up bridging the gap between small-scale synthesis and production of potential manufacturing routes for further product development. This capability would bring added value to the Globachem business" - December 2020

  • Flexible Device for Screening Chemical Reactions Under High Pressure
    With its own unique safety-locking mechanism and robust, adjustable support frame / lifting platform option, the Multicell PLUS high-pressure reactor sets a new benchmark for operator safety, all-round accessibility and ease-of-use - October 2020

  • Going Waterless - A Major Step Towards Lab Sustainability
    The CondenSyn waterless condenser has been widely adopted by the Technicians Sustainability Working Group (TSWG) operating within the Biomolecular Science and Medicinal Chemistry Division at Nottingham University (UK) as part of their drive to make teaching and research greener.- September 2020





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