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Amazon Filters GmbH

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - service provider
Mikrofiltrationskerzen und die dazugehörigen Filtergehäuse für kritische Flüssigkeits- und Gasanwendungen in der Prozessindustrie

Ammonia Filtration Key to Efficient Antibiotics Production

November 2018

Amazon Filters
has installed a combination SupaPore FPW / SupaPore VPBA filtration system at a leading antibiotics manufacturer’s fermentation plant enabling them to reduce production downtime resulting in significant cost savings.

Efficient antibiotic production
requires high quality ammonia being used to adjust the pH of the fermentation process. However, the antibiotics manufacturer was receiving batches of ammonia of varying quality which required sterile filtering before use. Despite this precaution, the manufacturer was having to replace blocked final membrane filters on a daily basis resulting in unacceptable levels of production downtime and the high costs of replacement filters.

After studying the production process, Amazon Filters recommended using a SupaPore FPW pre-filter to protect the final membrane filter the SupaPore VPBA  replacing the customer’s existing final filter, with a micron rating of 0.2um.  This membrane filter is specifically designed to meet the demands of Pharmaceutical producers requiring efficient and reliable microbiological sterilisation and bioburden control - essential factors in antibiotic production.

Upon installation of the new filters, the customer saw immediate benefits. They are experiencing up to 300% longer life of the final membrane filter .  making the filtration system much more cost effective. In addition, Amazon Filters has added value to the process by offering local and readily available support which is vital on such a critical system.

For further information on safeguarding your pharmaceutical production process please visit https://www.amazonfilters.com/applications/pharmaceutical/ or contact Amazon Filters on +44-(0)1276-670600 / sales@amazonfilters.co.uk


Worldwide HQ

Amazon Filters Ltd.
Albany Park Estate, Frimley Road 
Surrey  GU16 7PG 

tel. +44-1276-760600
email: sales@amazonfilters.co.uk


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