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Tagungsberichte - Workshop "Value from Data" - Fa.UMETRICS




Design of Experiment

- Design of Experiments (DOE) is an optimal
method for planning scientific experimentation -


Design of Experiment (DOE)

Design of Experiments (DOE) is an optimal method for planning scientific experimentation.
The use of DOE ensures maximum information
return for minimum investment in time and resources

Discover how to apply Umetrics software MODDE 8 for increased throughput and enhanced profitability.
MODDE 8 is applicable in research and development as well as product and process optimization and quality control.

Design of Experiments is the most efficient approach for organizing experimental work.
DOE selects a diverse and representative set of experiments in which all factors are independent of each other despite being varied simultaneously. The result is a causal predictive model showing the importance of all factors and their interactions.

These models can be summarized as informative contour plots highlighting the optimum combination of factor settings.

DOE is used for three primary objectives:

Screening Which factors are most influential and over what range?

Optimization How can we find the optimum settings taking into account conflicting demands of different responses?

Robustness testing Once the optimum is found, can we guarantee robustness close to that point or do we need to change specifications to achieve robustness?


Experimental setup for tasteful popcorn

The following slides compare the theory of DOE / MODDE 8 with the personal experience of the author anders johansson with distasteful popcorn, burnt and unpleasent odor.
Participating scientists: father and his two sons.

• Practical objectives:

– Find out how to make good popcorn!
– To explain to kids what DOE means using an everyday problem (i.e., how to get good popcorn from the microwave) as illustration.
– Understand what dad is working with

Experimental objective: Optimization

Why DOE ? ....

.... for better popcorn !

Traditionally experimental setup

DOE experimental setup


First step-: problem formulation

Second step : selection of objective


Theory : types of factors

Popcorn exp. : factors time and power

Messgrößen : Kernel und Taste


Theory : The model concept / contour plots

Popcorn : contour plots

DOE means knowledge !

Popcorn: knowledge about Time and Power

Download Vortrag (zip-Datei 9 MB)





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