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Filter - Mikrofilter

Amazon Filters GmbH

Rubriken : Systemkomponenten / Probenaufbereitung - service provider
Mikrofiltrationskerzen und die dazugehörigen Filtergehäuse für kritische Flüssigkeits- und Gasanwendungen in der Prozessindustrie


Rental Filtration Solutions for Water Quality Problems - A range of configurable skid mounted filtration units is now available to rent from Amazon Filters - Juni 2019


High Performance Filter Ensures Low Turbidity Drinking - Producing water with high turbidity can have severe consequences - April 2019


Filtration Tool Box Helps Enhance Quality of Wide-Ranging Digital Inks - Significant uptake by digital ink manufacturers of Amazon's advanced SupaPleat Plus ink filter range - April 2019


Pleated Depth Filter Enhances Enzyme Production - Significant time and cost savings through implementation of a SupaPore 16FPW - März 2019


The new SupaPore PCG capsule filter - Monomer filtration is critical for soft contact lens production - März 2019


Spun Bonded Replacement for Resin- Bonded Filters- Designed to operate in the chemical processing and manufacturing industries - March 2019


Efficient Removal of Wine Spoilage Microorganisms - One of most effective tools for eliminating contamination with these spoilage organisms is filtration using membranes with a pore size smaller than 0.45 µm - February 2019


Retrofit Filtration System Benefits Coatings Manufacturers - Installing the SupaClean contained filtration system prior to filling lines removes impurities such as skins, coagulants and undispersed pigments from the final product - February 2019


Car Manufacturer Selects Contour Filter for Paint Production - Industrial inclined filter housing fitted with Contour large diameter melt-blown cartridge filters to protect the paint baths


API Manufacturing Benefits from Durable Filter Housings - Amazone's filter development : a surface that is composed of pure Tantalum metal


Ammonia Filtration Key to Efficient Antibiotics Production - Leading antibiotics manufacturer’s fermentation plant enables them to reduce production downtime resulting in significant cost savings


Combination filters improve wine shelf life - Microbiologically stabilised prior to packaging prolongs shelf life of wine









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